Don’t pay for cap tables — here is a free one

We see a lot of startups paying for cap tables, whether it’s a current cap table to keep track of investors or a cap table calculator to look at the dilution impact of a new round. Stop. Those services suck. The link below will take you to a free cap table that also calculates the impact of a new round.

Below are the directions on how to use it:

1. Columns B to G are your current cap table or ”Pre-Round Cap Table”. You can change anything in bold blue such as the name of shareholders (column B), type of shares (Column C), number of shares (Column D), and share price (Column E). Columns F and G will automatically calculate the dollar amount of investment and percent ownership.

2. Columns I to N show the impact on your cap table of a new round. Just enter the pre-money in cell C3 and enter the amount of investment in cell C4. Cell C5 shows the post-money and column N will show you the ownership of each investor after accounting for dilution. If you need to refill the option pool, add shares in cell K75 and they’ll flow through automatically.

If you have convertible notes, that complicates things and this table will need to be modified, but for everyone else, this cap table should be just fine.

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